Tuesday, June 29, 2010


An outstanding performance some foreign reporters may say but we, Brazilians, know that our team can and will have to play much better than that in order to beat the Dutch on Friday. Coach Dunga and his players now feel as if the World Cup is really beginning.

"We know the Netherlands are a very difficult team to play against," Dunga said. "Their football is actually very similar to South American football. They don't try to stay defending and rely on long balls. They have technical quality and we will need to be ready for that. It's a solid team."

I would say that Brazil hasn't faced many difficulties in South Africa so far. We easily won Group G and cruised into quarter-finals with this easy 3-0 win over Chile, a team we have dominated in recent years. This game against the Dutch is going to be a real challenge for us. If we get to defeat them, we will leave no doubt that winning this World Cup is likely to involve us and the Argentinians.

It will be the fourth World Cup match between the two teams, and Brazil has won two of them. The Netherlands won a second-round match in the 1974 tournament in Germany, but the Brazilians beat the Dutch 3-2 in the 1994 quarterfinals in the United States and succeeded in a penalty shootout in the 1998 semifinals in France.

P.S.: Robinho won FIFA Man of the match award yesterday but for me it should have gone to Lucio. He played amazingly!

So that's all for now, guys! I think that was good enough for a first post, wasn't it? lol Anyway, see you all on Friday and...GO BRAZIL!!!!!!