Friday, July 2, 2010

Our sixth title dream is over...

Brazilian soccer fans and players are both devastated. After a brilliant first half, with a great goal scored by Robinho on Felipe Melo's brilliant low pass up the middle of the field and some other incredible shots saved by the good Dutch goalie, Brazil succumbed to the Dutch and got knocked out of the World Cup, postponing - once again - Brazil's sixth title dream.

Brazil completely lost its composure after falling behind. The Dutch were helped by an own goal off the head of unfortunate Felipe Melo after a cross into the Brazilian area when goalkeeper Julio Cesar failed not only to punch the ball out of there but also to warn his team mates that he was going for it. The ball slightly slipped through Felipe Melo's head and got into their own net, bringing the Netherlands into a 1-1 tie in the 53rd.

That goal knocked out the Brazilian players! The Dutch noticed that and then started playing wisely. They knew from Brazil's previous games that the Brazilian players don't know how to behave when they have difficulties to show their game and just lose it. Dutch star Wesley Sneijder took great advantage of that, going to the ground at the slightest contact, driving Brazilian players really mad at him. The other Dutch players started doing the same thing and, in the 73rd minute, defender Felipe Melo was ejected for stomping on the leg of Arjen Robben.

From that moment on, Brazil began to unravel and the Dutch took control of the game, increasing their time of ball possession. The end of the match presented the unusual sight of the Brazilians scrambling wildly to find an equalizer.

It never came.




P.S.: I guess this is not time to find someone to blame. It is time to learn a lesson. It is time to focus on our presidential election that is just around the corner. If we really want to host a World Cup in 2014, something has got to change immediatelly. There is plenty of work to do and the time is short. Anyway, let's hope for the best...


  1. hahahha
    legall seuu blog, na verdade não é "whatever comes to mind" e sim "whatever about football" hahahaha
    okay okay, só tem dois post..
    vaamoo ver o proximo assunto!

    e sobre esse post, gosteei do layout, vocêe escreve demais, li os primeiros paragrafos. Imagino que os outros falem do segundo tempo!

    ée isso..

    keep walking


  2. As always, everything happens after the carnival. The World Cup is over (at least for us), it's time to work. In a country that it intends to be big, strong and powerful, the time to work is now. The day, they are all. I do hope people don't vote because of the World Cup in 2014, but in spite of it. Be safe.